Business Intelligence is Who We Are and What We Do.

buildingConvergence Consulting Group was founded by a group of individuals with a passion for helping clients solve their operational and strategic challenges. We believe that business intelligence is more than a technical solution; it’s an opportunity to affect real and lasting cultural change across an organization. When implemented properly, business
intelligence can increase revenue, reduce human and operational costs, improve mission-critical processes and create other positive impacts.

We pride ourselves on the ability to effectively understand and straddle an organization’s IT department and its lines of business to develop solutions that achieve immediate, tangible results. Beyond our applications and technical expertise, CCG has built a sound reputation for bringing together C-levels, key stakeholders and power users for the common goal of greater visibility and decision-making.

Business intelligence is our passion, which is why our founding partners monitor the success of all client engagements. Our flexible business model enables us to work with clients at all levels of the organization and fill a variety of roles, from developing enterprise-wide initiatives to managing department-specific projects. Wherever your organization falls on the business intelligence maturity scale, we deliver the tools to help you quickly centralize and transform your data into actionable information.



We are the Best in the Business, Right in Your Backyard.

Clear, open communication is essential when implementing technology as vital to your organization as a business intelligence solution. There is no substitute for a genuine partnership, a face-to-face meeting or access to the experts you need, when you need them. That is why Convergence Consulting Group is committed to being 100% on-shore; focused on building close relationships with clients and providing exceptional onsite talent to see your project through to completion.

With CCG, you won’t have the hassle of sifting through countless resumes to staff a project, or worse, be forced to work with someone who lacks interpersonal skills and genuine business acumen. Our partners and team members bring a unique blend of “Big Five” consulting experience and an extensive set of technical skills to every engagement.

Our clients know they can trust us to deliver consistent, superior quality services at a reasonable cost.

We offer Experience,  Accessibility, &  Collaboration.



We Never Stop Asking Questions, and Neither Should You.

Every organization seeks one version of the truth, but it’s hard to get the answers if you don’t know the questions to ask. Convergence Consulting Group specializes in helping clients transform disjointed data into actionable information.

We believe a well-developed business intelligence solution should not only provide the ability to quickly and accurately “slice and dice” information, but also provide a platform for continuous learning, data-driven decision-making and forward-thinking insights.

Our team is dedicated to offering solutions designed to take organizations to the next level of business intelligence. We are driven by the potential of technology to move clients beyond conventional financial, HR and CRM data to non-traditional, customer-centric analytics.

From predictive behavioral analyses to geographic information systems and data profit centers, we are at the forefront of the business intelligence industry.


Buyer Beware: Business Intelligence Shouldn’t Come in a Box.

process-improvementWe have yet to meet a technology or business leader who doesn’t love the thought of an enterprise dashboard at his or her fingertips. While the ability to instantly access reports, trends, performance measures and other data is the goal of most BI initiatives, the reality is that most of these technology implementations fall flat on promises to deliver greater visibility and ROI.

The ability to achieve long-term results requires a big-picture understanding and analysis of an organization’s business model and how data will be used. Convergence Consulting Group goes “out of the box” to deliver customized, best-of-breed BI platforms developed through a proven, consistent implementation methodology. Our vendor-agnostic process carefully aligns the client’s current applications, resources, hardware, competencies – and lowest total cost of ownership – to select and implement the right tool. The result is seamless knowledge transfer, greater user adoption and a scalable business intelligence platform built to last.