The Experience

At CCG, our people are the core of who we are. Our goal is to push each other to be better every day, producing great work in a fun atmosphere. We work hard to provide a dynamic, collaborative work environment in which everyone can thrive. Our team is comprised of top-notch technology professionals that are passionate about what we do. We encourage our team to come together, sharing their passion and ideas with each other as well as our clients.
It all starts with our people.

We recognize the importance of retaining our employees and therefore employ an effective Employee Retention Program (ERP). Potential employees are thoroughly evaluated to ensure we only hire highly qualified individuals whose core values are aligned with our customer-centric culture. Once hired into the CCG family, we shift our focus to retention. The ERP program makes use of assigned mentors, upward feedback surveys and frequent performance reviews to ensure open and honest communication. We also seek to reward employees through a variety of social engagements such as summer outings, holiday parties, group learning sessions, happy hours, as well as many community involvement opportunities. We constantly evaluate market conditions to ensure our benefits and compensation plans are among the most attractive in the industry.

Our principals are all dedicated family men that recognize and appreciate the sacrifices and contributions made not only by our employees, but that of their families as well.  We consider our firm a family and we are especially focused on creating long-lasting relationships with our employees and their families.

Experience-familyCCG Family – At CCG we believe our employees are part of our family. The overall success of CCG is dependent on the ability of our people to perform at their highest level, and in turn, the success of CCG serves to support our employees in all aspects of their lives. We believe it is important to connect with one another at work, in our community and with our friends and families, to achieve the common goal of success.
Experience-workWork Hard – We understand that the services CCG provides to our clients is the backbone of our continued success. The significant investment our clients make in us is not taken lightly. Our team is comprised of the most talented personnel in our industry and the passion and dedication with which we tackle each engagement is what ultimately sets us apart from our competition. We will always deliver great work that we can be proud of.
Experience-playPlay Hard – Having fun is just as important as working hard. At CCG, we like to provide a productive, successful work environment, as well as the opportunity to come together and play as a family. The opportunity to bond and spend time together outside of the office facilitates our need to operate as a healthy, happy family and ensure our continued success.
Experience-healthylStay Healthy – We understand that healthy bodies house healthy minds and we are dedicated to keeping our team in top shape. We regularly participate in walks, 5ks, half marathons and the newly popular mud obstacle course events such as Tough Mudder and Savage Race. Healthy eating and living is always encouraged- we even provide in office snacks. CCG strives to always promote an all around healthy, active lifestyle.