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Overhaul of Cognos Analytics 11.0.7

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As of April 2018, IBM customers received the news that Cognos 10.x will have limited extended support. For companies across the nation, this means that establishing an updated analytics tool isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity. No longer are unforeseen internal connection issues a hassle, and visualizations are no longer something only your marketing department can create. Here are just few things that have improved on Cognos Analytics 11.0.7:

  • Greater flexibility and range of deployment with IBM Cloud
  • Improved Data Discover capabilities
  • Advanced dashboard visualizations
  • Quickened and seamless export functionality

It's time to dust off the old analytics solution and plot your BI roadmap, starting here. Read more on the evolution of Upgrading your Cognos Analytics instance below. 

Upgrade On- Premise Storage

Upgrade On-Premise Storage

Maintaining an on-premise data center ensures physical control of sensitive data, upgrade your current data storage solution for enhanced performance. 

Move Data to the Cloud

Elevate to the Cloud

Learn the enhanced scalability, security, and accessibility in migrating your data solution to cloud storage. 

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