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The Laser Spine Institute


The Laser Spine Institute has paved the way in surgical health technology advancements since its creation in 2005. The organization provides minimally invasive spinal procedures to alleviate patient’s chronic neck and back pain. The company’s mission: to provide a culture of care. LSI’s commitment to governed enterprise information management is core to this mission, ensuring safety, security and care for all of their 60,000 and growing patients.


The Laser Spine Institute invested in their first modern analytics platform, MicroStrategy, in 2015 to serve as a system for communicating data from a diverse environment across multiple departments. Due to challenges in installation of the tool, it was not utilized from the onset. A single Data Architect was tasked with proving the value of this new technology to the business in order to gain support for investing in the tool further. Despite the configuration challenges, a few simple visualizations were successfully developed and served as a proof of concept, demonstrating MicroStrategy’s enterprise value. CCG was engaged to develop a strategy for scaling the tool to serve the entire organization.

The long-term goal for Laser Spine Institute is to develop a Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) to oversee consistent, accurate and innovative analytic processes. Short-term there were multiple challenges that CCG and LSI needed to address first. Previously, financial reporting was all done in Excel, which provides little visibility and risks inaccuracies. Additionally, all call center performance data which drove the lead management process was reported on in Excel and took several days to build, leaving sales to act on data that was at least two days old.


CCG worked with Laser Spine Institute to develop a business intelligence roadmap, a sequential list of high-impact projects designed to achieve tangible benefits quickly and align with strategic long-term business goals, then began work on the highest priority projects.

Leveraging MicroStrategy Visual Insight and Report Services, CCG and LSI built three dashboards that would immediately help the business overcome operational and lead management challenges. The first was a financial dashboard, or Cash Dash as LSI refers to it, which provides visibility into collections and accounts payable for improved forecasting and faster reporting. The second is an Executive Performance Dashboard used to gain insight into every detail of a surgical center performance. The third was a marketing dashboad that provides near real-time call center data to measure lead performance, accurately track lead sources and customize information for end users. To promote the continued adoption of MicroStrategy, a new semantic layer was rolled out to support self-service analytics, which drastically reduced data load time and empowered users with governed data discovery capabilities.

With the help of CCG, LSI has successfully increased visibility into financial performance, paved way for predictable revenue due to improved lead management and call center performance monitoring, and achieved near real-time reporting with hourly updates on surgical outcomes.

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